Simply People Company Profile

We are YOUR Professional Career Agent

That means that we work for you, and finding the right match for your skills and passions is our number one priority. With all of our clients, we abide by the T.I.E.S. (our core values as a company) 

  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Encouragement
  • Service

At Simply People, we work on both sides of the fence, partnering with employers and candidates alike. We consider ourselves lucky to have the opportunity to work with such a wide and diverse collection of people day-to-day! We enjoy getting to know new people and finding out what makes them unique. Likewise, we are always working to build trust and rapport with the incredible companies working in the Nashville area. 

Every person and every business is different, but our goal is always the same: to connect employees to positions and companies that they're going to love. We keep it simple!

Simply People Professional Matchmakers

For Us, It All Starts With The Candidate.

Our primary motive is to connect candidates with roles they will love. That’s what gets us out of bed in the morning, and that’s what keeps us up at night. We care deeply for the people that we work with, and we want to do what’s best for them. Our clients prefer receiving placements from us because they recognize that happy employees are good employees. 

But who exactly do we work with?

Who Do We Work With?


Simply IT Expertise

Simply People Areas We Recruit For

Our team works hard to pair talented, creative professionals with stimulating careers in the IT industry. Specifically, we place candidates in roles dealing with...

  • Technical Support
  • Application Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Salesforce
  • Project Management & Business Analyst
  • Business Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Agile/Scrum Professionals
  • Healthcare IT
  • UI/UX Engineers
  • Quality Assurance

The Intangibles We’re Looking For...

There’s more that goes into a career than a particular set of skills. We believe that much of what determines an employee’s success or failure stems from their intangible traits.  In general, we look for people who are...

  • Driven 
  • Outgoing 
  • Empathetic
  • Engaged
  • Grateful
  • Fun!
Simply People Intangibles We’re Looking For

Have we got your attention?

Why Choose Us?


At Simply People, we take an employee-centric approach to meeting the needs of our clients. We believe that the happiness of employees dictates the success of their organizations, and that’s why we devote so much time and energy to our candidates.

We Work Efficiently

Unlike many other staffing agencies out there, we don’t believe in blindly forwarding the resumes of our candidates to every job listing out there. We won’t waste your time with opportunities that are clearly not a good fit. We spend as much time as is necessary to get to know each of our candidates on a personal level. We believe that we have no business helping you before we have a solid understanding of who YOU are! 


We Go The Extra Mile

You are not just a resume to us. 

You are a human, and we care about you. We genuinely want our candidates to succeed—no matter what! We staff for a very particular set of positions, but our career agents have been known to provide free professional counseling to candidates who turned out not to be qualified for these positions. For us, it’s about people like you, and if we can help, we will help. Simple as that. 


We Love To Communicate

Anybody who’s ever been on the hunt for a job knows the hurt and frustration of sending endless correspondence out into the void, and getting nothing in return. Reducing your entire identity to a single piece of paper, only to be rejected can be tough. Let us be an advocate for you during this time! 

We will call you back. 

We will return your email. 

We will keep you in the loop. 

Simple as that!

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